Kidman Is a Witness For The Prosecution

If you saw the words “Billy Wilder remake” in the headline and gave an involuntary shiver, then welcome to the club. We’ve had warm, comforting jackets made.

Still, the idea that Wilder’s best films – which include 1957’s Witness For The Prosecution – are strictly off limits when it comes to re-imagining hasn’t stopped The Merchant Of Venice director Michael Radford from launching a new version.

Opening Italy’s Global Film and Music Fest, Radford announced that he’d already signed up Kidman for his Witness redo. Based on Agatha Christie’s play, Witness sees a coldly calculating wife (Kidman) appearing as, well, you can work out what, in the murder trial of her hubby (Pacino, who worked with Radford on Venice).

If Radford doesn’t pull this off, he can expect a visit from the Wrathmobile.