Kevin Feige says "we will see" on Eternals Disney Plus release

Marvel's Eternals
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Eternals might not be a theatrical exclusive, according to comments from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.   

When asked by Variety whether audiences will be watching Eternals on the big screen or from home, Feige responded: "I think a theater would be my preference, and Chloé [Zhao, director]'s preference. We will see where we go with it."

Black Widow was a simultaneous theatrical and Disney Plus Premier Access release, which resulted in Scarlett Johansson suing Disney for what she says is a breach of her contract. The movie is on track to be one of Marvel's lowest grossing films.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, meanwhile, will be a theatrical exclusive for 45 days before heading to streaming. Disney CEO Bob Chapek described this strategy as an "interesting experiment," which star Simu Liu apparently responded to in a Tweet which read: "We are not an experiment. We are the underdog; the underestimated. We are the ceiling-breakers. We are the celebration of culture and joy that will persevere after an embattled year. We are the surprise. I'm fired the f**k up to make history on September 3rd; JOIN US."

It's somewhat surprising that Eternals still doesn't seem to have a concrete release plan, considering it's just a few months away – though it's possible Shang-Chi's box office takings will help shape the strategy.

Eternals has a massive cast, including Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, and Kumail Nanjiani. It's set to follow the titular group of ancient aliens, who have been on Earth for centuries without ever interfering.

The movie will release this November 5, while Shang-Chi arrives September 3. In the meantime, check out our complete guide to Marvel Phase 4 to see what else the MCU has in store for us – and find the best Disney Plus prices and deals.

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