Justin Chatwin is Dragon Ball Z's Goku

We’d not normally report on the casting for a big screen, live-action version of an annoyingly over-caffeinated kids’ cartoon, but Dragon Ball Z has such an eclectic team that we couldn’t pass it up.

First the cast – War Of The Worlds’ Justin Chatwin will play the hero, Goku, a warrior charged with protecting Earth from a seemingly endless supply of villains who want to rule the world and, oh, you know... The usual.

In the movie, he’ll face off against Piccolo, to be played by none other than James Marsters, a man still best known from TV’s Buffy as the vampire nuisance Spike.

As for behind the camera, Final Destination honcho James Wong is the man directing, having re-written the script. And the kicker (possibly literally)? Stephen Chow is producing and hopefully providing some bizarre martial arts and stunts.

20th Century Fox already has Chatwin training with 87Eleven, the stunt team who helped make the likes of The Matrix and 300 look good, so he should have the moves. The chaos kicks off shooting later this month.