Just Cause movie adaptation to be helmed by Stuber director Michael Dowse

(Image credit: Square Enix)

The Just Cause movie adaptation has found its director in Michael Dowse, known for helming the 2019 buddy cop comedy Stuber as well as various other movies.

Deadline reports that a screenplay by Derek Kolstad, who wrote the three John Wick movies, will script the story of secret agent Rico Rodriguez and his perilous mission to take on the Black Hand. Naturally, Rodriguez's famous grappling hook and wingsuit will be central to the action. 

A female co-lead is said to be adding a romantic element to the Just Cause movie akin to the 1984 rom-com Romancing the Stone. Plot and character details are still being kept under wraps, but the female character could be Esperanza Caramicas or Maria Kane from the games, or potentially a brand new character to the series.

Along with Stuber, Dowse has worked as a writer and director on numerous film and television projects including the 2002 mockumentary Fubar and its sequel, the 2011 rom-com Take Me Home Tonight, and AMC's Preacher series. Constantin Film's Robert Kulzer and Prime Universe Films' Adrian Askarieh will join Dowse to produce the Just Cause movie adaptation.

It was announced that Just Cause was getting a movie a little over a year ago, but as the ongoing pandemic continues to choke productions, it's hard to say when we might end up seeing Rico Rodriguez strapping thrusters to a Jeep on the big screen.

With everything seemingly on pause for the time being, you can keep track of movie release dates with our up-to-date log of everything confirmed.

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