Jumper and Inkheart

After the Star Wars prequel, you might forgive most directors for not letting Hayden Christensen near a sci-fi movie – particularly not one that’s hoping to launch a franchise.

But Doug Liman is not most directors. And he’s been unafraid to shove Christensen into Jumper, which finds the former Anakin as Davey, a guy who grows up with an abusive father and a special talent – he can teleport anywhere he chooses thanks to a genetic anomaly.

But after a few years of putting it to good (though sometimes criminal) use, he discovers that there’s a conspiracy of those who would hunt down “jumpers” and either eliminate them or use them for their own ends. Such as Samuel L Jackson, who becomes Davey’s nemesis.

It looks like Liman has filled Jumper will plenty of eye candy as Christensen and Jamie Bell leap about. Check it out here .

Meanwhile, if your taste tends more to kids’ fantasy about people who can read books and make the worlds in them come to life then perhaps you’d prefer to check out the first trailer for Inkheart.

Brendan Fraser stars as a dad who has that exact power. He and his daughter get into a spot of trouble when they let a nasty villain (Andy Serkis) out to wreak havoc in the world. Can they put him back between the pages before he destroys everything? The trailer doesn’t say, but you can find it right here .

source:( Apple ) ( Aol Quicktime )

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