Game of Thrones season 6 teaser isn't shy about spoilers

Let's start with the obligatory spoiler / sensational marketing alert.

HBO is trolling fans of its fantasy saga with regards to its climactic season five finale. In a new piece of promo artwork for the sixth season of Game of Thrones, the question of Jon Snow's fate appears to be addressed ... to an extent.

This is the first time since the finale that the network has acknowledged the Lord Commander. His supposed "death" came during the fleeting moments of the last episode, when his brothers of the Night's Watch stabbed him, one by one. In the months since, fans have attempted to conjure up theories to explain how he might have survived such a brutal knifing. Many involve some magic from Melisandre, which would make sense, yet multiple cast members have verified his demise.

Seeing as the bloody-nosed bastard takes centre stage on this poster and actor Kit Harington has already been spotted on set, it looks like Jon Snow will return from the grave to fight another day. The sixth season of Game Of Thrones debuts in April 2016.

Gem Seddon

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