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James Gunn has released a secret Awesome Mix Vol. 0 – and you can listen to it now (for free)

The best bit about the Guardians of the Galaxy movies is the toe-tapping soundtrack. This isn’t up for debate. From the hilarious I Want You Back post-credit scene in the first movie, to Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain tying everything together in the sequel, James Gunn made movie soundtracks cool again. He’s even been so kind as to release his own secret Awesome Mix Vol. 0.

Full disclosure: I’ve heard of literally one of these songs, which, if you only knew terrible my music taste was, is the biggest seal of approval it could possibly get.

Gunn took to Twitter to reveal the tracklist and, hey, would you look at that, he’s even made it available on Spotify. What a guy!

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If you’re curious as to what songs are on it (for reference, a lot of these inspire and are inspired by the first Guardians’ chaotic space bar scenes) before putting on repeat for the next 72 hours, here you are:

You can listen to it via your Spotify account or, if you just cannot wait, the playlist is all fired up for you below.

For more Marvel musical madness (emphasis on the madness) you simply *have* to see this Guardians of the Galaxy 2 disco music video.

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