It's Jay And Seth Vs The Apocalypse

Such is Seth Rogen’s Hollywood powers these days that he can get a pitch sold based solely on a trailer for a short that appeared on the Internet last year.

You may have watched the teaser for Jay And Seth Versus The Apocalypse last summer on the YouTubes, but now the idea – which originated with Rogen, co-writer Evan Goldberg and fellow scribe Jason Stone - is being turned into a film. The plot will – no surprise here – find Rogen and Knocked Up/Tropic Thunder’s Jay Baruchel dealing with the titular world-shattering event.

The plan is to start shooting in 2009, with Rogen juggling writing work on the script while also continuing to script The Green Hornet. And trying not to keel over from exhaustion. Variety is stocking up on tinned food .

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