Is this the new Frodo?

"I'm not the new Frodo," insists 17-year-old Ed Speleers, titular hero of Eragon, next year's big fantasy flick. "Frodo doesn't end up with a girl. He ponces about a bit in his big, furry feet..."

Eragon is the brainchild of author Christopher Paolini, who spawned the boy-and-his-dragon publishing sensation when he was still a teen. Starring Jeremy Irons, Robert Carlyle and, um, Joss Stone, it's guaranteed beefy box-office success on its December 2006 release thanks to legions of fans worldwide. "I'm excited, but I don't want to feel scared by it," laughs Speleers on his forthcoming fame. "Who's going to complain if you're walking down the carpet and you've got lots of girls screaming at you?" Who indeed?