I didn't think we'd be seeing this iPad deal until Black Friday - but Amazon has it now

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I'm a Windows PC lady, but I do love me some Apple. That's why I'm on the lookout for record low prices on the brand's tech every day - these devices are expensive, so discounts make all the difference. There's no better time to buy an iPad than Black Friday, but the price I was expecting to see on the 9th generation entry level tablet in November has just appeared early. 

You can grab the 64GB device for just $249 at Amazon right now, $80 off the $329 MSRP. This isn't the first time the cheaper model has dropped to $250 by any means, though we did only start seeing these numbers appearing in 2023. However, we're generally only treated to such a discount during major sales events themselves. Considering Amazon is offering its ultra-sale price weeks ahead of official Black Friday iPad deals, this is well worth jumping on early. 

I don't expect this price to fall further during Black Friday next month. Previous generations never dropped to this kind of price, even with new models chasing them off the shelves. The 9th generation iPad is holding its own in the budget arena right now, and considering the 10th generation model is likely to return to its own record low of $399 in Black Friday's iPad deals this year, there's no need for future discounts in Apple's eyes here. Of course, November could surprise us, but in all my days of tracking iPad deals I've never seen a current generation drop below $200. If future savings are on the cards, they will likely max out at $10 or $15.

iPad 9th generation (64GB) | $329 $249 at Amazon
Save $80 -

iPad 9th generation (64GB) | $329 $249 at Amazon
Save $80 - After jumping back up to $269 shortly after Prime Day, the 9th generation iPad is back down to its lowest recorded price ever. You'll find the entry level device available for $249 today - a price we weren't expecting to see back on the shelves until November. 

Buy it if:

✅ You don't need too much power
✅ You need an everyday streaming device
✅ You only use lighter apps and workflows

Don't buy it if: 

❌ You need power for media editing or gaming
❌ You want a larger screen

Should you wait?
❓This is the spot we'd expect to find the 9th generation iPad in over Black Friday proper. With a $269 rate flashing on and off the shelves over the last week, we'd jump on this one while you can. 

Price Check: Walmart: $249 | Best Buy: $269.99

Should you buy the 9th generation iPad?

Not sure, this is the right iPad for you? If you need a simple tablet for note-taking, streaming, browsing the web and playing lighter games you're all sorted here - in our books this is the best gaming tablet for Apple fans on a budget. However, if you're after something more powerful for demanding apps like Adobe or particularly strenuous multi-tasking workflows, it's worth taking a look further up the price scale to the iPad Air. 

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Best for
iPad 9th generationEveryday browsing, light note-taking, light gaming, entertainment
iPad 10th generationEveryday browsing, note-taking, light multi-tasking, light gaming
iPad AirModerate note-taking, light multi-tasking, gaming, entertainment
iPad MiniPortable browsing, light note-taking, light gaming
iPad ProHeavy note-taking, significant multi-tasking, high-end gaming, demanding apps

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