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Hugh Jackman ditches Avon Man for Wolverine 2


Hugh Jackman has left his Full Monty -esque comedy Avon Man in order to make room for Wolverine 2 .

The actor has departed production of the comedy, written by Allen Loeb and directed by Enchanted ’s Kevin Lima, which leaves it without a leading man even as filming is pencilled in for an October start.

Jackman remains on as producer, though, and we’re sure his considerable Hollywood clout should land him a new lead pretty sharpish.

Deadline report that Jackman’s ditching of Avon Man was necessary for him to make time to get back into shape for Wolverine 2 . He reportedly laid on some extra weight for robo-mash-up Real Steel .

There’s also the chance that he might head up Lee Daniels’ Selma , though financing may stall that production once and for all.

Jackman’s loss or ours? Talk it out below…