How to watch the Genshin Impact 3.3 reveal livestream

Genshin Impact 3.3
(Image credit: Hoyoverse)

The Genshin Impact 3.3 reveal livestream is nearly here – here's how to watch it.

As developer Hoyoverse announced on Twitter, the Genshin Impact 3.3 reveal will air on Friday, November 25 at 4am PT / 7am ET / 12pm BT. The show will initially air on the official Genshin Impact Twitch account, and around four hours later, it will be uploaded to the game's YouTube channel (since Genshin Twitch VODs aren't archived, for some reason). 

Version 3.3 is one of Genshin's most-anticipated updates in some time, even with 3.2 capping off the Sumeru region's excellent Archon quest. The main reason, as the announcement art shows, is that the update will finally release Scaramouche as a playable character over two years after he was first introduced. 

Scaramouche has been renamed the Wanderer for his playable release, and somewhat inexplicably, he now wields Anemo abilities instead of his trademark Electro tricks. The Wanderer will debut alongside a new, never-before-seen Sumeru character named Faruzan – another Anemo character, and one believed to be a four-star, Gorou or Sara-style support for the Wanderer. 

With the main story of Sumeru finished, the rest of update 3.3 is very much up in the air, including which five-star characters and weapons will be rerun with the Wanderer. The new quests will hopefully shed some light on what happened to Scaramouche post-3.2, and if previous updates are anything to go by, we may get a new hangout featuring Faruzan. 

The 3.3 reveal stream will be fighting hard for attention on Friday, what with Black Friday gaming deals already kicking off. 

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