How to unlock the Streetsweeper in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

Warzone Streetsweeper shotgun
(Image credit: Activision)

Knowing how to unlock the Warzone Streetsweeper shotgun is a pain. It's been in the game since mid-December, but the challenge has been bugged. However, now you can get it (and we've the best Warzone Streetsweeper loadouts for those that have it. 

Players haven't been able to track their progression of the challenge, with it accidentally being counted as a "secret" unlock in Call of Duty Warzone. You can unlock the Streetsweeper shotgun via both Warzone and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War now though, if you own the latter. Here's a full guide on how to unlock the Warzone Streetsweeper shotgun.

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How to get the Streetsweeper shotgun in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

Warzone Streetsweeper shotgun

(Image credit: Activision)

Now the gun is officially in the game with the correct challenge to unlock it, you can use the Streetsweeper shotgun in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. If you own Black Ops Cold War, chances are you'll want to jump into that game's multiplayer modes to unlock it because it's a much easier challenge to complete, but it's also possible to do if you only play Warzone too.

In Black Ops Cold War, you unlock the Streetsweeper shotgun by getting three kills without dying using shotguns, in 15 different matches. This is a fairly simple task; jump into a fast-paced mode, whip out one of the two existing shotguns in the game (Hauer 77 or Gallo SA12), and play until you've got a three kill streak in 15 different matches. When unlocked, this unlocks the shotgun in Warzone too.

Alternatively, if you only own Warzone or don't want to play any Black Ops Cold War multiplayer, you can unlock the Streetsweeper shotgun too. You just need to do the same challenge, but in Warzone matches, and with Black Ops Cold War shotguns specifically.

Our recommendation is to jump into Plunder with either the Hauer 77 or Gallo SA12 equipped, play until you get three consecutive kills, then leave the match, rinse and repeat. Plunder matches last for quite a while so to get the challenge done quicker, you'll be better off backing out once you've achieved the three kills.

Alternatively, if you've got the COD Points spare, you can fork out 1,200 CP on the Shock Value bundle in the store. This will unlock the Surge Protector variant of the gun for instant use. The Streetsweeper shotgun is a bit of a beast, so make sure you unlock it early to stay ahead of the pack, no matter the method you use.

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