Should you kill or rescue Lucas Richter in Black Ops Cold War?

Black Ops Cold War kill or rescue Lucas Richter
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Whether to kill or rescue operative Lucas Richter in Black Ops Cold War appears during the Brick in the Wall mission. It's a big choice and there's no way of knowing at the time how it might affect things later. If you want all the information then I've got what happens for both cases here so you can make the right choice. 

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Kill or rescue Lucas Richter in Black Ops Cold War?

Black Ops Cold War Greta Brick in the Wall

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The Brick in the Wall mission will send you to Berlin where you'll meet Greta for some intel. She'll also explain that one of her men, Lucas Richter, has been captured and won't stand up to torture - he needs to either be killed or rescued to stop revealing everything he knows.  

This adds a secondary objective marker that takes you to a basement where he's being held prisoner. You'll need to take out the guards with your silenced pistol and then it's just a case of deciding what to do with Lucas, as some evidence suggests he's working for the enemy. 

Black Ops Cold War Lucas Richter

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You have two clear options: kill him or let him go. Depending on what you decide the mission will finish in one of two slightly different ways. Regardless of what you do with Lucas you'll be captured with Greta just after you leave, and find yourself both tied to chairs. Depending on what you've done, one of two different things will happen: 

  • Rescue Lucas - If you rescue Lucas he'll be there when you're captured and it's revealed he's working for the enemy. You'll still be rescued but Greta will be killed as you're threatened. 
  • Kill Lucas - You will once again be captured along with Greta, but she won't be killed this time. 

Black Ops Cold War killing the operative

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It's an odd choice overall, because Lucas the operative doesn't actually do anything to cause Greta's death - the scene simply plays out differently depending on if he's there or not. Assuming you want Greta to live (she doesn't really play apart in anything after this either way) so the best option is to kill Lucas. 

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