How to solve Hogwarts Legacy door puzzles

An Arithmancy puzzle door in Hogwarts Legacy
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In order to solve Hogwarts Legacy door puzzles you just need to do a little counting and some maths. Not that this is really explained at anypoint. There is a code sheet that explains everything but nothing ever directs you to it, it's just sort of luck you might find it. Fortunately I've solved the puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy for you, so lets see what's going on. 

All you actually need to do is count to nine, it really is that easy. The creature drawings and odd dice mechanisms look complicated but opening then is just a case of counting the symbols from left to right and using the numbers to solve the sums you find on the door. 

Unfortunately, you can't use the unlocking spell you get for Hogwarts Legacy level 1 locks, only solving the sum opens up the door. Don't panic too much though as it's really easy once you know whats's going on, so let's explain. 

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How to solve the Hogwarts Legacy door puzzles

To solve the door puzzles in Hogwart Legacy you simply need to number the creatures around the door from 0-9, left to right. That will allow you to answer the two sums on the door by putting the missing value on the mechanisms you can interact with. 

We've a more detailed explanation below but for now let's take a look at the whole process. 

How to find the code for the Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors

There is literally a piece of paper that tells you how to solve the puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy, but the game will never tell you that. Instead you might sjust sort of find it if you're lucky. 

Here's how to find the Hogwarts LEgacy door puzzle cipher page: 

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1. Fast travel to the Divination Classroom Floo Flame, which is within the Library Annex.

(Image: © Warner Bros. Interactive)

2. Turn around and head back through the door behind you and along the wooden walkway

(Image: © Warner Bros. Interactive)

3. When you reach a junction, take the right turning and go along until you see a small landing with a chalkboard next to a puzzle door

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4. Look to the right of the chalkboard and you'll see a blue box. Search it and you'll find the cipher page

The puzzle door cipher in Hogwarts Legacy

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The code itself explains that each of the magical beasts around the outside of the puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy has a numerical value. It seems to correlate to the number of legs or other appendages that creature has - although number 6 and 7 are a bit confusing. Essentially all you need to do is count around the edge of the door to give each symbol a value, starting from zero.

How to open Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors

puzzle door numbers in Hogwarts Legacy

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Because of how the system works you don't need to find the code to open the puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy. You can simply count the beasts around the edge, starting with zero, to find out what number each one symbolizes. This is key to solving the numerical puzzles that open the doors themselves. 

First, interact with the door to "reveal" the puzzle which will show you two triangle patterns that spell out an equation. You need the three outside "numbers" to add up to the inner number and it just so happens that some numbers are represented by beasts instead. 

So, let's take this door as an example:

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Interactive)

For the top triangle, it works out as:

2 + Hydra (3) + ? = 9

So you'd need the ? to equal 4, which is the owl-like symbol. Turn the ? block to that.

For the bottom triangle, it works out as:

0 + 1 + ?? = 4

So that means the ?? must need to be 3, or the Hydra symbol. Turn the ?? to that. 

With those in place the door will just swing open. It's simply just about getting all the numbers around the outside of each triangle to add up to the one in the centre. Easy when you know what the beasts actually mean. 

Behind the Arithmancy puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy is a room with gear and chests for you to loot. 

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