How to get more Gear slots in Hogwarts Legacy

The gear screen in Hogwarts Legacy
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More Hogwarts Legacy Gear slots are basically essentially because it's basically your inventory for cloaks, hats, and other finery. You only start with 20 slots, which will fill up fast once you start opening up chests, getting rewards, and shopping in Hogsmeade. Getting more Gear slots in Hogwarts Legacy though isn't explained at first and when it is finally revealed you'll discover you have to complete what's known as Merlin Trials - a set of smaller puzzles you'll find throughout the world and activate with Mallowsweet.

Gear is important though, as you'll want to keep switching out your various items to ensure you've got the highest stats for Health, Defence, and Offence possible in Hogwarts Legacy. Which means you want to be able to carry as much as possible, so you don't runout of space mid mission and have to start destroying things to make room. Like Hogwarts Legacy spell slots, these are something you're always going to want more off, so get ready to solve some puzzles and boost your numbers. 

How to get more Gear slots in Hogwarts Legacy

Gear Slots in Hogwarts Legacy

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You can only get more Gear slots by completing Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Challenges. These are a separate side quest thread that you'll need to start before you can start expanding your Gear Slots. You'll encounter this objective as part of the main story which we'll explain in more detail below, while our guide there will explain what you actually need to do for each challenge. 

Once you've done that though - and we'll explain how in just a second - you'll be able to earn more Gear slots by completing Merlin Trial-related challenges. In the Exploration section of the Challenges, there's one for completing Merlin Trials and you'll get four new Gear slots per challenge that you compete. There are five separate challenges to tick off in total that increase each time - the first asks you to complete two Merlin Trials, the second six, and so on. That means that there are a total of 20 additional Gear Slots up for grabs by completing Merlin Trials. 

The Merlin Trials challenge in Hogwarts Legacy

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However, because that's going to take quite a lot of time, one of my top Hogwarts Legacy tips is to sell anything you're not currently wearing whenever you get a chance. You can sell gear at any vendor you find throughout the map, and what's even better is that you keep all the looks of anything you've ever found to change the look of your outfit to whatever you like - regardless of the actual item you're wearing. Just sell it all and you'll be both full of inventory space and relatively rich. 

How to unlock Merlin Trials and find them on the map

Speaking to Nora Threadwell as part of the Trials of Merlin quest in Hogwarts Legacy

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Merlin Trials can be unlocked by speaking to Nora Treadwell, who you'll discover immediately after finishing the quest with Natty called "The Girl from Uagadou". You'll hear Treadwell shouting out in distress, which triggers the quest called "Trials of Merlin". If you approach her at this point you'll end up fighting to protect her attack. When that's done she'll then introduce you to the Merlin Trials. 

With that done you'll be able to complete Merlin Trials as you find them in the world. On the map they're marked out with little leaf icons:

The Hogwarts Legacy map showing a Merlin Trial marker

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Or, they're also visible on the ground with a large ornate stone circle, which again bears the same leaf icon and glows blue when you cast Revelio. 

The circular stone marker for a Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy

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Merlin Trials take on various forms, which can essentially be solved in a few ways, but we'll have a complete guide on how to solve the various Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials. 

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