9 Hogwarts Legacy tips we wish we'd known before starting

Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks
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Yer a wizard now [insert name here], and these Hogwarts Legacy tips will help you learn the magical ropes fast. There's a lot going on in the not-Harry Potter game and a weird mix of open world freedom and tightly controlled story-gated progression. So if you want help with spells, gear, and general pointers to avoid you wasting time in Hogwarts Legacy, learning things the long way check out these tips for Hogwarts Legacy and learn more faster. 

Hogwarts Legacy quick tips: 

  1. Spam Revelio all the time to reveal things, even through walls
  2. Almost everything is locked behind story progression 
  3. Always check the gear you pick up to swap in better stuff and boost your stats
  4. Visit vendors after every mission to clear out unwanted gear and make some money
  5. You can still transmog with gear you've sold so don't keep anything
  6. Eye chests get you quick cash once you have Disillusionment
  7. You can change your look whenever once you reach Hogsmeade 
  8. Collect all the ingredients you see as it'll all be useful for potion-making later
  9. Missions list their rewards so you can see if it's worth it

1. Use Revelio all the time to reveal hidden things in the world and earn XP faster

Hogwarts Legacy PS5 screenshot

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Revelio is basically wizard vision and will highlight objects, enemies and more in the world. It works through walls, showing enemies, loot, interactable objects and basically anything you might need or want. Use it all the time for exactly that reason. It'll also reveal the plenty of Field Guide Pages for you to collect which can often turn up in some unassuming places. Out of all Hogwarts Legacy spells you'll unlock, this is the one you'll use the most.

2. Pretty much everything you can do is locked behind main mission checkpoints

Hogsmeade Town from Hogwarts Legacy

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While you might want to branch off to get your Hogwarts Legacy broom, or learn a particular one of the Hogwarts Legacy spells straight away, the game absolutely won't let you do anything before it's ready. Everything is locked behind the story so don't waste any time trying to looking for anything, you'll get it when you're allowed and no sooner. 

3. Check your gear all the time to swap in higher level stuff to improve your stats

Hogwarts Legacy gear equip screen

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You'll be hoovering up slightly better wizard robes pretty much the entire time you're playing. The sheer volume of gear you'll accumulate means you'll often forget to check what you've been collecting. Make a point of checking regularly as you'll get some pretty fast advances to your stats by switching to better gear all the time. You'll see a green arrow indicating better stats next to items as you collect them (and red if it's weaker) so if you're able, swap things in as soon as you see them. 

4. Always swing by a vendor when you see one to clear out your Gear Slots and earn cash

The location of Sprintwitches in Hogwarts legacy

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You are going to get a lot of gear in Hogwarts Legacy from scarves and hats to cloaks and outfits, but you only start the game with 20 Gear Slots in total (combining all your various clothing items into one sum). Until you start completing Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials to get you more Hogwarts Legacy gear slots, you should get into the habit of selling off anything you're not wearing to the vendors in Hogsmeade or littered around the wider map. You can destroy items if you're desperate, but you should grab the cash if you can.

5. You keep all the clothing you find for transmog regardless of whether you sell it

Hogwarts Legacy

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You find a lot of clothes and other accessories in your adventures through Hogwarts Legacy and the majority of them are downright awful. Thankfully, the game has transmog from the very beginning meaning you can pimp out your witch or wizard with exactly the kind of look you want - rather than a mess of whatever your highest level kit is. Change the appearance of each of your items of clothing by hovering over it and pressing square or X, and you'll notice that you retain the look of everything you've ever picked up - even if you've sold it. Handy for retaining that badass look you've honed regardless of what gear you're actually wearing. 

6. Eye chests are a quick way to get cash fast

hogwarts legacy eye chests

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You'll see Hogwarts Legacy eye chests fairly early in the game and probably wonder what to do with them. Opening them will earn you 500 Galleons which is useful cash but, like everything in the game, doing this is tied to the story. So keep playing main missions until you see the mission 'Secrets of the Restricted Section'. Doing that will unlock the Disillusionment spell which makes you more or less invisible. Once you have that you can sneak up on the eyeball chests and pop them open to get the cash inside. 

7. You can change your hair, and facial features at Hogsmeade

Madam Snelling's Tress Emporium from hogwarts legacy

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Once you've chosen your Hogwarts Legacy witch or wizard you can change your hair color, style, eyebrows, and facial features like scars and freckles at a little shop in Hogsmeade. Head over to Madam Snelling's Tress Emporium and for a small fee you can switch up your look whenever you like. You can't change your overall face though, so you're stuck with that I'm afraid. No Polyjuice Potion for you. 

8. Collect every ingredient you see as it'll all be useful later for potion-making

Hogwarts Legacy potions class

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As you run, fly, or swoop around the map, you might come across potions ingredients growing in the wild. Some ingredients such as Horklump Juice and Jumping Toadstools are imperative for brewing helpful concoctions like Wiggenwald Potion and Erdurus Potion. To save yourself time later down the line, scavenge as many wild ingredients as you can. There is no max capacity for the ingredients your character can hold, so it's better to take all you can. When you eventually unlock the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement you'll be able to grow and harvest your own resources. 

9. Missions tell you what rewards you'll get for completing them

Hogwarts Legacy Sirona quest

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If you want to know whether a mission will be worth your effort, check the quests menu to see which rewards you will earn for completing the task. These can vary from unique spells to new Gear appearances, gold, and more. You can even choose to double-cross the quest-giver sometimes, keeping whatever item they wanted you to retrieve for them as well as your rewards. Sometimes you can even extort them for more gold, but you should expect them to get rather cross with you and make pointed comments about your treachery whenever you next bump into them. 

The release of Hogwarts Legacy has been the subject of criticism and debate due to J.K. Rowling's public stance on gender identity, which continues to challenge the inclusivity at the heart of the Harry Potter community. Here is our explainer on the Hogwarts Legacy controversy (opens in new tab).

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