All Hogwarts Legacy spells and how to unlock them

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Being able to unlock Hogwarts Legacy spells all depends on where you are in the story, as most spells will be unlocked through missions or completing assignments set for you by for teachers. So if you have favorites you want to get there's no shortcut. However, knowing where and when certain spells are unlocked in Hogwarts Legacy, means you can at least get to them quicker. Even if you do have to play through all the preceding quest to reach them 

Take something like Alohomora, for example. Getting it lets you unlock Hogwarts Legacy Level 1 locks but you won't learn it until you reach a very specific side mission in Hogwarts Legacy. And, because you can very quickly build up a backlog of missions, you might not know what to focus on to get what you want. Eventually you will need more Hogwarts Legacy spell slots to carry more at once but how long that takes depends on how quickly you can find and unlock all the spells in Hogwarts Legacy. 

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All Hogwarts Legacy spells 

Here's every spell in Hogwarts Legacy, roughly in the order they appear and the mission you need to complete to learn them:

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Hogwarts Legacy spells
SpellWhat it doesMission
RevelioReveals hidden items, puzzles, or points of interestPath to Hogwarys
LumosCreates light from the tip of your wandPath to Hogwarts
ProtegoShields you from attacksPath to Hogwarts
StupefyStuns enemies when cast during a successful Protego castPath to Hogwarts
LeviosoAllows you to float enemiesDefence Against The Dark Arts
AccioPulls enemies or items to youCharms
ReparoFixes broken itemsProfessor Ronen's Assignment
IncendioShoots flames from your wandProfessor Hecat's First Assignment
DisillusionmentTurns you almost invisibleSecrets of the Restricted Section
ExpelliarmusDisarms or damages your opponentProfessor Hecat's Second Assignment
DepulsoShoves enemies backwardsProfessor Sharp's First Assignment
EvanescoMakes your items larger or smallerRoom of Requirement
Conjuring SpellCreates itemsRoom of Requirement
Altering SpellChanges the style of itemsRoom of Requirement
ConfringoEmits a fiery blast from your wandIn the Shadow of the Undercroft
DiffindoCuts opponent from afarProfessor Sharp's Second Assignment
Glacius Freezes your opponentMadam Kogawa's First Assignment
Wingardium LeviosaAllows you to levitate and move itemsProfessor Garlick's Assignment
Arresto MomentumStops opponents from advancingMadam Kogawa's Second Assignment
Petrificus TotalusPetrifies opponent when used with Disillusionment charmProfessor Rackham's Trial
DescendoSends enemies smashing to the groundProfessor Onai's Assignment
AlohomoraUnlocks door and chest locksThe Caretaker's Lunar Lament
FlippendoReverses an enemy's attack or sends them tumbling backwardProfessor Garlick's Second Assignment
BombardaCreates an explosionProfessor Howin's Assignment

Three of these spells can only be used in the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement to construct and decorate it. There are also a lot of non-combat options that often operate separately to the usual spell casting - things like Revelio, which largely works as wizard vision and is cast by tapping left on the d-pad to cast. While something like Disillusionment basically operates as a stealth mode and is vital if you want to open the Hogwarts Legacy Eye chests.

Hogwarts Legacy unforgivable curses

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There are three unforgivable curses in Hogwarts Legacy to unlock if you follow Sebastian Sallow's storyline:

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How to unlock Unforgivable Curses in Hogwarts Legacy
CurseWhat it doesMission to unlock it
CrucioTortures the target with excruciating painIn the Shadow of the Study
ImperioForces the opponent to fight for youIn the Shadow of Time
Avada KedavraImmediately kills your opponentIn the Shadow of the Relic

Unforgivable curses can't be learned in school, so you need to follow Sebastian Sallow's storyline in order to get them.

There's no morality system to punish you for using these spells, although characters will react to you using them. So while they're called 'unforgivable' and using any of them even once should see you sent to wizard prison Azkaban for life, Hogwarts Legacy just lets you use them whenever. You can choose to not learn or use them at though - there's no penality for that and you won't miss out on anything.

Hogwarts Legacy spell colors and types

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There are four spell colors in Hogwarts Legacy that denote different types of spell: 

  • Yellow spells are control spells, like Levioso
  • Purple spells are force spells, like Accio
  • Red spells are damage spells, like Confringo
  • Grey spells are 'essential' spells, or non-optional spells you need to progress such as Lumos

The main benefit of these spell colors in Hogwarts Legacy is when fighting other wizards or witches as shields with a certain color can only be broken by a spell that matches that color.

How many spells are there in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy how many spells

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There are 27 spells in Hogwarts legacy, including the three unforgivable curses. However, you can still unlock the Spell Master achievement with the core 23 unlocked, since the unforgivables are not mandatory to progress through the game.

The release of Hogwarts Legacy has been the subject of criticism and debate due to J.K. Rowling’s public stance on gender identity, which continues to challenge the inclusivity at the heart of the Harry Potter community. Here is our explainer on the Hogwarts Legacy controversy.

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