How to open eye chests in Hogwarts Legacy

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Being able to open Hogwarts Legacy eye chests is a quick way to earn money but the game never explains how. So it's easy to miss the obvious which is that the Disillusionment Charm you get during a certain mission will turn you invisible and let you sneak up on them. You're never told this though, you just have to work it out. It's a double whammy of a story-locked solution that's also never explained. If you do want to open up the eye chests in Hogwarts Legacy and understand what's going on here I tell you how and, more importantly, when it can be done.  

A lot of things in the game are a bit like this. The Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors, for example, are never explained and, if you don't stumble on a crucial part of the puzzle you can easily miss, you just left be guessing. Weirdly here, as well, while the solution revolves around magic, it's a one of the many Hogwarts Legacy Spells you won't actually learn in a classroom. So let me explain all that, and how everything works. 

the Disillusionment spell that opens eye chests

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How to open Hogwarts Legacy eye chests

You can open Hogwarts Legacy eye chests once you learn the Disillusionment spell during the 'Secrets of the Restricted Section' mission. Once you've done that you can cast it out of sight of the chests to become invisible and then sneak up to open them. 

Successfully opening an eye chest in hogwarts legacy

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So, like lot of things in Hogwarts Legacy, you can't open the eye chests until you're allowed to. Depending on how you've approached the Hogwarts Legacy main quest list and side missions then you could easily not access the Disillusionment charm you need for ages. To prioritise things in Hogwarts Legacy then you need to play through the main story until you unlock the 'Secrets of the Restricted Section' quest. Once you have that Sebastian will teach you the spell as you break into the library. There's even an eyeball chest along the way during that mission so you can have a practise getting them open - just cast the spell when the chest isn't alerted and then you can sneak up and open it. 

What's in the Hogwarts Legacy eye chests? 

hogwarts legacy eye chests

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You'll find 500 Galleons inside Hogwarts Legacy eye chests. So each chest you find is basically cash waiting to be claimed. To some extent that's one reason why you might want to get the Disillusionment spell sooner rather than later - the quicker you get it the quicker you can start claiming the money. Plus you won't have to backtrack to find any you couldn't open before. 

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