How to get more Hogwarts Legacy spell slots and use more magic

Hogwarts Legacy spell slots
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Getting more Hogwarts Legacy spell slots means you can access more spells in battle which is obviously very useful. You only start with four slots and depending on your progress you can very quickly end up with more than that. If you don't want to be swapping out your active spells every five minutes more slots is something you'll want to get. 

As you unlock more enchantments you'll definitely need more space for your spells. Combat especially requires a mix of magic to remove shields and defeat enemies that can see you needing different Hogwarts Legacy spells from moment to moment - like Hogwarts Legacy gear slots which act as inventory for your clothes, you'll alway want more. However, while gear slots see you chasing Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials to increase what you have, to get more spell slots in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to first unlock Talents.

How do I carry more spells in Hogwarts Legacy? 

Hogwarts Legacy talents window

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To get more spell slots in Hogwarts Legacy, you will need to work through the main campaign until you unlock Talents (which is one of our key Hogwarts Legacy tips). These are additional abilities that you can purchase in Hogwarts Legacy using Talent points that you get as you level up. You can complete challenges, missions, and sidequests to earn XP toward your next level. If you're not sure which level you are at, or to see how much more XP you need to get to the next level, check your Gear page and look at the upper-left corner of your screen.

Once you unlock Talents, you will earn a Talent point each time you go up an XP level. You'll also immediately unlock one Talent point for every XP level you have reached after the fifth level. This means that if you unlock Talents and you are already at Level 12, you will have seven points to spend. 

How do I unlock Talents? 

You will only unlock Talents a fair way into the game, after completing a main quest called Percival Rackham's Trial. This is a lengthy mission that will take place with Professor Fig, involving puzzles and battles against Pensieve Protectors, Guardians, Sentries, and Sentinels. Once you finish the final boss battle, have a conversation with the painting of Rackham. This will unlock Talents immediately after the cutscene ends.

 Where are the spell slot upgrades in Talents? 

Hogwarts Legacy Spell Knowledge gives you more spell slots

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To get more slots, you need to purchase the Spell Knowledge Talents. After unlocking Talents and opening it from the main menu, you will see there are five Talent branches to choose from: 

  • Dark Arts
  • Core
  • Spells
  • Stealth
  • Room of Requirement

Spell Knowledge is a Core Talent. If you have enough points, just go to the Core tab and select one of the three Spell Slot upgrades. They cost one Talent point each, but be careful: you cannot get these points back later, so be sure to check your options carefully before you choose.

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