Here's how to save even more on your PS Plus subscription this Cyber Monday

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Black Friday PS Plus deals are still around in limited number, with the chance to save money on any tier of Sony's subscription service. The various Black Friday PS5 deals have chiselled down some of the not-insubstantial costs involved, and while many of those deals are no longer active, there's still at least one hanging around for Cyber Monday.

To mark the festive buying season, PlayStation has already cut down on the costs of its PS Plus memberships, allowing you to get up to 30% off on 12-month plans, which is already a pretty great deal if you're a new subscriber. It's even better though if you pair it with a discounted wallet fund code.

Over at Amazon, you can get 10% off the $30 PS Plus Wallet Fund codes to add funds to your account - other cards were previously discounted all the way up to the $110 bracket, but right now the only option is the thirty-buck one.

Still, the basic concept still applies - buying discounted Wallet Fund codes from Amazon effectively means you can then transfer that 10% discount to PS Plus (or anything else you buy from the PlayStation Marketplace). So if you buy 3 cards, you'll get $90 of funds while actually only spending $81 total - which is enough to get you a full year of membership at the "essential" tier bracket. Not bad, right?

PlayStation Plus – $30 Wallet Fund | $30 $27 at Amazon
Save $3 -

PlayStation Plus – $30 Wallet Fund | $30 $27 at Amazon
Save $3 - Amazon has got 10% discounts on all of its PlayStation Plus Wallet Funds. One of best picks is this $30 one, which you can get for $27. While that might not seem like a huge discount, it's basically free money if you think about it, and can help you grab an even cheaper PS Plus Membership.

Should you get PlayStation Plus?

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PlayStation Plus is a pretty smart choice if you want to make the most of your console. For a monthly cost, you can access a whole load of games without buying them outright, saving you some pretty significant costs. It also makes sense if you like to test out plenty of different genres in your games and enjoy variety of play. With literally hundreds to choose from, you can find yourself playing some of the best PS5 games and best PS4 games.

The bigger question over whether you should get it is what tier you should opt for. Earlier in 2023, PlayStation upped the subscription costs for PS Plus and split them into several different tiers. The PlayStation Plus tiers are: essential, extra, and premium. 

The first two tiers are pretty similar in cost, but Plus Extra offers 400 more PS4 and PS5 games included. If you play just one or two of these games it could be enough to justify the relatively small price jump (and would help put the best PS5 SSDs to good use). Then if you're looking to make the most of Sony's retro collection too, PS Plus Premium may be the best choice as it gives you access to a whole batch of PS1, PS2, and PSP games as well. Really all three are great options, it just depends on how you use your console and what you're interested in playing.

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