Here's how to find Ghost Recon: Wildlands secret "don't press me" buttons and a Dark Souls bonfire

Ghost Recon: Wildlands has a bunch of hidden buttons that you can press for a good time - call them Easter eggs from the developers or simply the work of mischievous drug cartels with too much money to spend, they're out there either way. I've found guides to at least four so far and I bet there are more waiting out there.

Here's a collection of videos that demonstrate how to find the buttons, as well as what happens when you blatantly disobey the signs that tell you not to push them. Keep an eye out for more!

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Those dam fireworks

The great exploding salt flat

Ghost-seeking rockets

The flames of Santa Muerte

...and a bonus Dark Souls bonfire

Because, when you get right down to it, pretty much every game actually wants to be Dark Souls.

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