Here's how to get Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ best sniper rifle quickly and easily

Why bother setting foot in nasty enemy bases when you can get one of Ghost Recon: Wildlands' best sniper rifles within minutes of starting the game? Here's a handy guide for retrieving the high-powered MSR sniper rifle with a minimum of irritation. Warning: with this weapon at your side, you're bound to breeze through lower-level encounters. You can always put it away if you want to give the drug cartels a fighting chance.

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Step 1: Head to Montuyoc

You probably don't have much of the map filled in at this point, so just highlight the Montuyoc region and drop your GPS beacon on the far western edge. Yes, the game is telling you that this place is dangerous for a new player, but with some off-roading you should be able to avoid most enemy patrols. If you do get caught, you'll have unlocked enough fast travel points along the way to make the trip back relatively painless.

Step 2: Reach Araca Village and the Choza Padre Mine

Keep driving west and you'll eventually see Araca Village. Your final destination is the Choza Padre Mine, a quick trip to the south-by-southwest. The outside of the mine is guarded by four snipers (including a sniper on the top of the westernmost building) so you'll want to disembark your vehicle and approach quietly. Take your time and eliminate each guard with silenced shots, or whatever other subtle method strikes your fancy.

Step 3: Infiltrate the mine

There are even more soldiers in the mine, so don't get impatient. Use your Ghost's selection of recon equipment (night vision goggles, drones, binoculars, etc.) to tag the enemies near the entrance and take them out. Once the way is clear, make your way into the tunnel. You'll probably run into at least one patrol inside so stay low, go for silenced headshots, and take the first left you see.

Step 4: Grab the rifle

Crouch walk far enough and you'll arrive at your grand prize: a weapon case holding the MSR sniper rifle. You'll want to attach a few modifications to get it suited for your purposes, but once you do, you'll have a huge leg up on the early missions. This is what it looks like with a lovely blue finish.

And you're done! Now get out there and put your new weapon to use - you can thank us later.

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