Here's how much space next-gen gaming will take up on your PS5's hard drive

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Sony has outlined exactly how much space some of its games will take up on its next-gen system, PS5.

On the game-specific pages on the PlayStation website (thanks, Eurogamer), the minimum size has been outlined at the bottom of each page. Consequently, we now know that Spider-Man: Miles Morales requires a minimum of 50GB on your hard drive, while the Ultimate Launch Edition – which includes a remaster of Insomniac's Spider-Man, of course – requires an eyewatering 105GB minimum.

Interestingly, not all the games have their minimum space requirements detailed – there's nothing for Destruction Allstars, for instance, nor Sackboy: A Big Adventures – but the Demon Soul's remake requires a hefty 66GB.

We've seen worse, of course – a recent Call of Duty: Warzone update weighed in at a staggering 84GB on Xbox – but it's a good indication of how much space next-gen gaming might take up, particularly if you have your eyes on the digital edition.

In related news, Sony has apologised after thousands of hopeful PS5 owners were unable to secure a pre-order earlier this week, and promises that it will release more consoles to pre-order "over the next few days".

In a message on its social media channels, the company acknowledged the pre-order system "could have been a lot smoother", adding that even more consoles "will be available through the end of the year".

"Let’s be honest: PS5 preorders could have been a lot smoother. We truly apologize for that," Sony said in a tweet posted on the official Twitter channel yesterday. "Over the next few days, we will release more PS5 consoles for preorder – retailers will share more details."  

Don't forget, GamesRadar+ is tracking PS5 pre-orders to keep checking back for the latest information.

The PS5 price is $499.99 in the US and £449.99 in the UK for the standard console. Meanwhile, the PS5 Digital Edition (no disc-drive here) is set at $399.99 in the US and £359.99 in the UK. Both PlayStation 5 systems will be released on November 12 in the US and November 19 in the UK.

If you've been wondering what the PS5 looks like on its side, check out these new pictures of the console out in the wild.

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