Here are six Steam Deck accessories to look out for this Prime Day

Steam Deck connected to dock with Prime Day box on screen and mascot dangling from charging connector
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Let me kick things off by saying I’m a sucker for Steam Deck accessories, but it actually took me a while to pick up any add-ons for the handheld PC. That’s largely due to the fact the Deck itself costs a pretty penny, and adding day one extras into the mix would have upset my budget. However, Prime Day is right around the corner, and the big sale could help you pick up a bunch of Steam Deck accessories without completely upsetting your bank account. 

While you won’t find the Steam Deck hanging out at Amazon’s Prime Day PC deals party, you’ll find plenty of third-party accessories that transform the handheld PC’s functionality. Sure, you might not be in a hurry to find a new case since all versions of the portable come with one, but you can do more than protect your Deck. For example, the best Steam Deck docks will likely accompany other Prime Day gaming deals on the storefront next week, and I reckon we’ll see cheaper compatible SSDs, adapters, and power banks show up on the big day too.

In preparation for the annual sale, I’ve decided to whip together a list of six Steam Deck accessories you should look out for this Prime Day. Just think of the look on your portable pal’s imaginary face when it sees you’ve bought it a bunch of presents, not to mention they’ll enhance the handheld beyond its default capabilities. In fact, if you’re rocking the Deck’s brutish rival, the Asus ROG Ally, you might also benefit from reading on, as the Windows 11 handheld works with many of the same add ons.

Steam Deck dock sitting on white desk

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 1 - Jsaux Steam Deck dock 

Arguably the internet’s favourite portable PC accessory, the noble Steam Deck dock transforms the handheld into a heroic hybrid. Just like the Nintendo Switch, you won’t be able to magically boost performance by popping Valve’s device onto a compatible cradle, but it will provide it with boons like HDMI output, USB ports, and Ethernet. You’ll also be able to keep your Deck charged while it’s hooked up to your gaming monitor and fancy peripherals, so it’ll effectively function like a weird looking budget rig.

As for specific brands to look out for this Prime Day, I personally have a soft spot for Jsaux Steam Deck docks. Not only did the manufacturer beat Valve at their own game by releasing a compatible doing station first, but there’s a variety of different models now available on Amazon, and the cheapest of the bunch is already a bargain.

Jsaux Steam Deck dock | $39.99

Jsaux Steam Deck dock | $39.99 $29.99 at Amazon
This entry-level Steam Deck dock packs two USB ports, Ethernet, and 100W power delivery, and it's already 25% off ahead of Prime Day. However, you'll definitely want to check in during the big event, as there's a chance its price will drop even lower.

View at Amazon

Price check
: $29.99 (plus shipping)

I’d also suggest keeping an eye out for alternatives by the likes of Ugreen, iVoler, and Syntech, as each company has a different approach when it comes to specs and aesthetic. It’s worth noting I’ve yet to test a dock that completely sucks, but I do think Jsaux has an edge when it comes to the third-party Steam Deck game.

Ugreen USB swithc on white desk with Steam Deck screen in backdrop

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 2 - Ugreen USB Switch 

Hear me out, as while this might sound like a boring buy, using a Ugreen USB Switch is going to revolutionize your Steam Deck desktop experience. Am I being dramatic? Just a little, but this is going to matter to any of you who are sick fed up of swapping cables from your gaming PC to your docking station every time you want to mess with SteamOS settings or just play games on a monitor without disconnecting your main rig.

Like it says on the tin, the Ugreen USB Switch enables you to switch all your connected peripherals between two PCs. Effectively, you’ll be able to instantly divert gaming keyboard, mouse, and PC controller connectivity to your Steam Deck dock with the push of a button, which in turn will save you from disrupting your carefully managed cables. Who am I kidding, my desk looks like a flying spaghetti monster, but I do really hate constantly switching things over.


Ugreen USB Switch | $23.99 $20.99 at Amazon
A neat switch box with four USB ports that'll save you swapping peripherals between your PC and Steam Deck dock. It's already slightly discounted, but it could end up receiving the Prime Day treatment.

View at Amazon

Price check: $23.99 (plus shipping)

Most gaming monitors these days have more than one input, which is why I’m recommending the basic USB switch box over the more expensive KVM model with HDMI. Nevertheless, if you can grab either during Prime Day, I’d highly recommend it, as it’s one of the most useful Steam Deck accessories I own (and it’s just handy in general if you have more than one device at your desk).

Jsaux Modcase standing on white desk

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 3 - Jsaux Steam Deck Modcase 

Yes, I know, I said you probably didn’t need a Steam Deck case. However, there are so many great alternatives to the official freebie that it only feels right to mention them. Is Valve’s zippy capsule still my favorite? Well sort of, as it has a handy indent on the back for strapping in your charger. That said, some of the cases out there go above and beyond, and their design won’t just benefit the Deck while stowed away in a backpack.

Again, it’s Jsaux that comes to mind when recommending Steam Deck cases, as the company has various options already under its belt. My favorite out of the lot is the Modcase, as it’s technically multiple accessories in one. It’s perhaps more of a shell than anything, but it features a protective cover at the front, it shakes things up at the back with modular strap functionality. You’ll be able to clamp other add-ons onto the Deck like external SSDs and power banks and still comfortably hold the handheld, which is a biggie for anyone relying on additional storage and juice while on the go.


Jsaux Steam Deck Modcase | $29.99 at Amazon
A modular case that adds somewhere to strap your power bank or external hard drive and a kick stand to the back, all while shielding the front with a hard cover. It's still full price on Amazon ahead of Prime Day, but a price cut could happen during the big event.

View at Amazon

Price Check: $29.99 (Plus shipping)

Looking for something more traditional? Well, there’s an abundance of options on Amazon, and all of them are susceptible to Prime Day discounts. You’ll see a mix of brands you’ve never heard of accompanied by names like iVoler, Syntech, and Jsaux. I’ve had the pleasure of trying out offerings by the latter and can attest to their quality and value, but you might want to tread carefully when taking a chance with cheaper options.

Hand holding Steam Deck with Deckmate attached

(Image credit: Deckmate)

 4 - Deckmate

The Deckmate is one of the simplest, yet innovative Steam Deck accessories out there, and it’s the one that excites me the most. Its core function isn’t too dissimilar to the Modcase mentioned above, but rather than relying on a rubber watch strap, the Deckmate uses various modular clips to let it stand, mount, and grip onto various surfaces.

I once called the Deckmate a Swiss army Steam Deck accessory, and I think that silly title holds up. Being able to hot swap between having a power bank strapped to the back and mounting the Deck on a monitor arm feels slick, but it also enables the handheld to function in a bunch of different scenarios. 


Deckmate | $54.99 $49.87 at Amazon
The Deckmate comes with various attachments that'll help you effectively dock your Deck, whether you're using a monitor mount or a bedroom wall. It's already slightly slightly discounted on Amazon right now, but keep your peepers peeled for potential Prime Day deals.

View at Amazon

Price Check: $49.99 (plus shipping)

I’m not going to list a bunch of those scenarios so as to avoid sounding weird and lazy. But, as someone who’s hands get tired while using handhelds, I’d use the Deckmate to pop the portable onto walls and surfaces in a bid to give my mitts a break. After all, if you connect a PC controller, you can effectively use the Deck as a micro console with a tiny screen. Imagine you had that as a kid in the backseat of your childhood car rather than a Game Boy? My little mind would melt like an ice cream on the dashboard.

Sabrent Rocket SSD on dark backdrop

(Image credit: Sabrent)

 5 - Sabrent Rocket 2230 NVMe SSD 

Alright, I get it, you don’t want to even think about opening up your Steam Deck. I mean, I don’t blame you, as there’s a lot of complicated gubbins going on inside Valve’s gaming handheld, and the last thing you want is a self-inflicted computer casualty. That said, it is a proper computer, and there’s nothing stopping you upgrading the portable’s default storage with a chonkier SSD, like the Sabrent Rocket 2230.

Not all SSDs are compatible with the Steam Deck, but the ‘2230’ part of the Sabrent Rocket mouthful of a product name confirms it’s the right size for the portable. Again, I’m not going to push you into upgrading your Steam Deck SSD, but there’s a handy guide over on ifixit’s site that’ll talk you through the process, and you’ll ultimately end up with up to 1TB of built in storage for your on the go Steam library. 


Sabrent Rocket 2230 (512GB) | $89.99 $74.99 at Amazon
A solid-state drive that will actually fit in your Deck, and the upgrade could help transform your entry-level Steam Deck into the 512GB model. The 1TB version of this drive is still full price, but Prime Day might change that.

View at Amazon

Price check: $74.99 (plus shipping)

You could pick up a compatible microSD card and avoid cracking open your Deck, but I know there are some of you out there that prefer permanent upgrades. Not to mention that if you add the 1TB Rocket 2230 to a 64GB version, you’ll be rocking more internal storage than what’s provided with the top model, and you’ll always be able to expand things further with an extra memory card when you eventually run out of space.

Anker 733 power bank on white desk connected to laptop and smartphone

(Image credit: Anker)

 6 - Anker 733 Power Bank 


Power banks can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for something that can satiate the Steam Deck. So, if you find yourself running out of juice consistently while gaming on the go, I’d highly recommend checking in on Anker’s 733 Power Bank during Prime Day, as it’ll provide a battery boost and double up as a spare 65W wall charger. 

That latter function is perhaps more important than you think, as if you’ve got a third-party Steam Deck dock, you’ll probably be using the handheld’s original charger to power your setup. Opting for the Anker 733 means you won’t have to buy both an additional power bank and an extra AC adapter, and it’ll dish out 10,000mAh when you’re away from a wall socket.


Anker 733 Power Bank | $71.99 at Amazon
Is it a power bank? Is it an AC adapter? Actually, it's both, as you can use Anker's compact solution as a traditional wall charger and a portable charging solution. Be sure to check back just in case it gets a Prime Day discount, but if you're paying full price, keep in mind the black version costs $20 more (don't ask us why).

View at Amazon

Check prices: $99.99 (Free shipping)

For whatever reason, the gold version of the Anker 733 is $28 cheaper on Amazon than the black model. I’m personally not fussed about power bank aesthetics, and providing its price doesn’t go back up, it might end up being the better buy this Prime Day. Just be wary of the eventual discount simply being the original price of that gold model, as that feels more like price swap trickery than a genuine seasonal discount.

Steam Deck Prime Day deals

These are just some of my go to Steam Deck accessories that I think would make a great Prime Day purchase. There’s no guarantee that any of them receive the Amazon sale treatment, but if you’re already planning on picking up a few add ons, I’d suggest keeping the above contenders in mind. Myself and the lovely Hardware team at GamesRadar+ will be on the hunt for more deals on the big day, so if we see any Steam Deck related discounts, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. 

Looking more portable PCs? Check out our Prime Day gaming laptop deals hub for some great alternatives. If you’d prefer something console related, we’re also looking out for the best Nintendo Switch Prime Day deals during Amazon’s annual sale.

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