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Henry Cavill talks "visual spectacle" of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Henry Cavill has been talking about Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice again, and has said that he hopes he's able to play Superman for “many, many years to come”.

Speaking in a video interview recorded at the BAFTA LA event, Cavill revealed that the movie is going to be a feast for the eyes when it opens in cinemas in 2016.

“It’s Zack Snyder, so it’s going to be a visual spectacle,” he says. “And it’s cinematic history. We’re doing Batman and we’re doing Superman, and it’s all happening at the same time. So, fingers crossed it turns out to be as exciting as I think it is.”

Meanwhile, he added that Ben Affleck didn't need any tips on tackling the Dark Knight.

“We’re talking about Ben Affleck here,” Cavill laughs. “I don’t need to give him any advice. The guy’s a legend. He does his own thing! He’s great. He’s fantastic.”

Check out the full interview over here.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice opens in the UK on 25 March 2016.

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