Henry Cavill reveals how the Witcher series' iconic tub scene was almost even more… iconic

Henry Cavill recently sat down with BBC Radio 1 to discuss the Witcher Netflix series and revealed that he was more than willing to let loose when it comes to personal hygiene.

Even if you've managed to avoid reading, playing, or watching The Witcher, you're probably familiar with a certain scene involving Henry Cavill and a bathtub. That's because it's an iconic scene from the books, games, and Netflix series that's likely saved across thousands of desktop wallpapers across the world. But according to Henry Cavill, he was tempted to make the live-action recreation even more faithful to the source work.

As depicted in the Witcher 3 game, you'll notice the monster slayer's legs are splayed across the front of the bathtub, his feet framing a rather advantageous view of Geralt submerged in steamy water. The Netflix series toned the scene down for general audiences. According to Cavill, the change was due only in part to the shape of the tub.

"I was trying to put my feet up, and I couldn't—the bath was the wrong shape," he said before adding, "but I thought that might have been a bit much, as well." Now, I'm not one to argue with the man himself, but something makes me think fans wouldn't protest over Cavill showing a little feet - for the sake of authenticity, of course.

Lauren S. Hissrich previously spoke to GamesRadar+ about the iconic scene, saying: “We consistently go back to the source material for the show. It is fun to visually throw a wink and a nod at video game fans, to say, ‘We see you too. We know you’re here.’ And we want them to be happy with what we’re doing as well.”

And because there's no such thing as too much Henry Cavill, here's the actor geeking out over the silver and steel swords from The Witcher Netflix series.

Jordan Gerblick

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