Helldivers 2 honors fallen soldiers with a free cape as part of 'Malevelon Creek Memorial Day,' including a presidential directive from Super Earth's leader

Helldivers 2
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Helldivers 2 has a brand new cape to offer players in memory of their fallen comrades, and an accompanying 'Malevelon Creek Memorial Day' to commemorate those lost in the battle to take the infamous planet.

The 'Fallen Hero's Vengeance' is a new cape that just debuted in Helldivers 2 today, April 3. This is all to mark those lost in the struggle to liberate Malevelon Creek, one of the most contested and despised planets in the entire game. It isn't called 'robot Vietnam' for nothing, you know.

You can see the new cape just below, in an accompanying announcement from Super Earth's president. I've never really thought about how Super Earth was governed before, but it totally makes sense that the fascist video game parody has one totalitarian authority figure at its head.

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Henceforth, April 3 shall be known as 'Malevelon Creek Memorial Day,' the Super Earth president has decreed. Furthermore, in-game text reveals all Super Earth citizens will unite for a three-minute silence to remember the fallen heroes of Malevelon Creek every April 3, but that this will always fall within their lunch break.

Somewhat unfortunately, the special cape has zero in-game bonuses for Helldivers 2 players that equip it. It's a purely cosmetic item, and it doesn't even have any standout statistical bonuses for players in the armor rating, speed, or stamina regeneration categories.

In less-than-stellar news, Helldivers 2 players aren't pleased at the Slugger shotgun nerfs, which they've called "completely uncalled for" - despite a developer taking the time to explain why the nerfs have come about. Furthermore, the bots are upping their game with brutal Helldivers 2 Gunships.

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