Hasbro reveals what might be the best Darth Vader action figure in Star Wars toys panel

A Darth Vader action figure ponders on its helmet
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What might be the best Darth Vader action figure yet, Force ghosts, a very cool version of the Mandalorian's new ride, and a new helmet that opens up old wounds from the Clone Wars made up just a few of the Star Wars toys revealed by Hasbro.

Unveiled as part of Star Wars Celebration 2023, more than a dozen new Star Wars toys across The Black Series and The Vintage Collection were shown off during a crowded Hasbro panel. Because that's a lot of cool stuff to juggle and there's a lot of other announcements to be geeking out about (three new live action Star Wars movies have been announced, after all), I've broken down the best announcements along with pictures I was able to get of those products from the Celebration show floor.

As a general note, most of these Star Wars toys are going up for pre-order on April 11 and will launch from the middle to end of 2023. (Sorry to anyone wanting them as cool Star Wars gifts in the here and now.)

The best Vader action figure?

An action figure of Darth Vader lies unmasked, watched over by Luke

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Return of the Jedi's 40th anniversary has been a big focus for Hasbro this past year, and the final additions to that  line are jam-packed with all the good stuff. Along with a Vintage Collection multi-pack featuring 3-inch versions of classic background characters (like the one everyone calls Squid Head and that guy who shot Luke in the hand on the barge), we're also getting yet another new Black Series six-inch Darth Vader… but there's a difference. Seeing as this one is based on the original trilogy's final chapter, his helmet comes off in three pieces to reveal scorched old Anakin underneath. One hand also detaches to reveal the wires beneath, so it's arguably the most versatile Vader figure of all the ones we've seen so far.

Luke also got a rework, this time representing the Jedi Knight during that final battle in the Emperor's throne room. It comes with a lapel you can flip down or keep up, so it ends up looking just like Mark Hamill in those last few scenes.

Clone Trooper helmet hits us in the feels

The Black Series Ahsoka's Clone Trooper helmet in a glass case

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I won't spend too long on this one because we got the exclusive reveal for Star Wars The Black Series Ahsoka's Clone Trooper helmet, but it was touched on during the panel and is too cool not to mention - especially because I was able to take a look in-person afterward, confirming that it's just as well-painted in reality as it is in promo shots.

Based on the ad-hoc design used by clones under Ahsoka's command during the Siege of Mandalore in Clone Wars season 7, it's a slightly heart-breaking throwback considering how they eventually tried to gun her down due to Order 66. Much like the Black Series Clone Trooper helmet it's built on, this one has a voice changer fitted as well.

I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts

Force Ghost action figures of Anakin, Yoda, and Obi-Wan look on

(Image credit: Future)

For the first time ever, the three Force ghosts from Return of the Jedi are getting their own Star Wars toys as a multi-pack. These are some of the most impressive figures from the panel, especially in person; their translucent robes and the color fading from their legs make them seem suitably otherworldly, and the best bit is that these aren't simply reworks of old models. The Hasbro panellists said that Yoda's skin-tone is now ever so slightly closer to the real deal, Alec Guiness' Obi-Wan has had a digital head sculpt, and Anakin has a new head too with a more serene expression. (Incidentally, it's the only time we've got him as an action figure outside of the original trilogy.) This got a big cheer from the crowd, so I can see it being very popular when the set launches. Keep on an eye on Hasbro Pulse for those pre-order links. 

Mando's N1 starfighter gets a Vintage makeover

An action figure of the N1 starfighter at a slight angle, with Grogu in the back pod

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Folks justifiably lose it over vehicles in The Vintage Collection, so this is going to land straight on the radar of many. Mando's new ride will soon be available in impressively detailed miniature, and I was taken aback by how intricate it is when seeing it on the show floor - all the missing panels reveal wiring and engineering beneath the surface, for instance. Plus, it comes with a Mando with loads of accessories to pose with, and the ability to swap out Grogu's seat to accommodate an astromech (sadly sold separately, though you DO get a very cute Baby Yoda primed to look out his bubble window).

Jabba returns

An action figure of Jabba sits on a plain surface

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It's easy to forget how massive Jabba is supposed to be until you see him alongside other Star Wars toys. This thing is huge, and it's a fitting end-note to the 40th anniversary range. The Tatooine gangster hasn't had a figure since 2014 so it's a good opportunity to grab him if you missed that opportunity (perhaps to complete your Jabba's Palace or barge setup). 

This figure comes with Salacious Crumb and plenty of extra goodies like Jabba's smoking pipe, all in that classic Kenner packaging.

The most accurate R2-D2 yet

An action figure of R2-D2 stands with certain accessories out

(Image credit: Future)

For a long time, Star Wars toys of the beloved astromech have been… well, slightly off. The Hasbro panelists behind The Black Series and The Vintage Collection admitted that R2 hasn't been the right size and has always come in smaller than it should, but that's changed with this updated version. As well as being the first revision we've had in 10 years, it's much more screen-accurate. Plus, it packs all sorts of accessories from the periscope to all the tools a droid could possibly need popping out the front. Much like Vader, it's a very cool amalgamation in terms of Star Wars action figures.

Cade Bane makes a comeback

An action figure of Cad Bane stands ready

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I couldn't finish this roundup without mentioning my boy, the animated bounty hunter who made the jump to live action in last year's Book of Boba Fett. Although Cad Bane has a very good-looking Vintage Collection figure and also appears in the Retro line, this is an entry into The Black Series… and that means it's bigger and even more hyper-detailed. This is a brand-new sculpt and comes with a removable hat (allowing you to see that metal plate from an old conflict we've yet to witness), his duster, and two blasters. It'll arrive in early 2024.

Battle-damage Vader, video game throwbacks, and Clone Wars fav make up the pipeline reveals

Darth Vader in Obi-Wan Kenobi

(Image credit: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Naturally, Hasbro couldn't end a panel without teasing what's still to come. And there seems to be plenty on the horizon. Even though the panelists blazed through announcements, it wasn't hard to see that we've got a real range on the way. Alongside battle-damaged Vader from Obi-Wan Kenobi and a battered Grievous from the Battlefront video game series, we're getting a Black Series and Vintage Collection Paz Viszla from the Clone Wars animated show. Grand Admiral Thrawn from Rebels is coming too as a Vintage Collection figure, along with a Force Ghost version of Qui-Gon Jinn. Obi-Wan from the very end of his series (when he breaks out the classic "hello there"), Director Krennic, and Darth Revan are on their way too.

None of these figures were actually shown, though - it's more of a peek behind the curtain.

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