Hamilton will release on Disney Plus in July, more than a year earlier than its scrapped theatrical launch

(Image credit: Disney)

Disney has moved the filmed version of Hamilton from its original October 2021 theatrical release to launch in July exclusively on Disney Plus. So while we can't go out and see a play in a theater, at least we can see one from the comfort of home.

Some context around the shift makes this a stunning movie by Disney. According to Deadline, Disney paid a cool $75 million for the worldwide rights to Hamilton, outbidding several other companies in what could be the largest payment for any finished film. Given, the plan was always to bring Hamilton to Disney+ after its theatrical run, but skipping a theatrical release entirely could severely impact the return on Disney's monumental investment.

If you're expecting a new take on Hamilton from Disney, this isn't that. Disney's Hamilton is simply a professionally recorded showing of Lin-Manuel Miranda's famous Broadway musical, as opposed to some sort of adaptation for film. That should make it a treat for anyone who's always wanted to see it but perhaps couldn't stomach the $500+ deposit for a seat.

Hamilton could also be a boon for the Disney Plus streaming service, which recently attracted over 50 million subscribers. With everyone stuck at home for the summer, there's likely plenty of folks looking for the closest thing to a live theater experience.

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