Guess how much Gucci's Xbox Series X costs

Xbox Series X
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Gucci and Microsoft have teamed up to reveal a custom Xbox Series X console that costs about as much as a newer used car. The very limited-edition console goes on sale Wednesday, November 17 for a cool $10,000. For that you get one of 100 custom Xbox Series X consoles, two themed controllers, a subscription to Game Pass, and a vintage hard carry case.

It's a bold thing, this console, with Gucci's signature pattern laser engraved across most of the exterior and adding some texture. "An evolution of the original Gucci Rhombi design from the '30s, the GG pattern becomes a wordplay—not only representing Guccio Gucci's initials but also the gaming phrase 'Good Game," reads Gucci's description.

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Then, of course, there's that carry case. The plain green "XBOX" scrawled one side of it almost defies its elegance, which otherwise makes it look like something you'd see a socialite carrying around in the 1950s, but there definitely wouldn't be an Xbox Series X and two controllers inside. Gucci says the blue and red stripes call back the brand's origins.

Of course, something this classy can't be ordered by mail. But if you've got an asteroid-sized wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket, you might be able to find Gucci's Xbox Series X at flagship stores in New York City, London, Tokyo, Beverly Hills, Mexico City, Milan, Berlin, or Beijing.

Here are all the upcoming Xbox Series X games you'll be able to play on your fancy new Xbox (don't worry, no Gucci-exclusive Xbox games yet.)

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