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Guardians of the Galaxy new game plus options

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy preview
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Guardians of the Galaxy new game plus options aren't clear when you start playing the game, leaving it uncertain if there's an NG+ option to take advantage of all these new abilities, upgrades, items and superpowers or if anything will carry over into later playthroughs against the galaxy's greatest villains. If you're planning on returning back to the Milano's pilot seat, we'll lay out the question below: Is there a Guardians of the Galaxy new game plus? And if there is, what aspects will carry over and what will be changed?

Does the Guardians of the Galaxy game have new game plus?


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Yes, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy does have new game plus, as an NG+ option that unlocks on the main menu after completing the campaign for the first time. Once you select that, you can pick the completed campaign save file, and the game will carry over certain aspects of that playthrough into a fresh campaign, starting you back in the first levels all over again.

However, it's important to remember that new game plus does not increase the game's difficulty. That's something you have to choose or alter manually from the pause menu, so if you were planning on facing greater threats with your increased arsenal, you'll need to quickly choose that before going into any fights.

Guardians of the Galaxy new game plus changes

guardians of the galaxy sell rocket or groot

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Certain things will carry over or be affected when you select new game plus, though not necessarily everything you'd expect. We've outlined all the changes to the game below, including what you do and don't get to take with you.

Does carry over

  • Guardian abilities (including final abilities)
  • Workbench upgrades
  • Components
  • Unlocked outfits and costumes
  • Database entries

Does not carry over

  • Units/money
  • Guardian Collectibles
  • Choices/consequences
  • Special items (like the Passkey or Nova Tracker Disabler)
  • Elemental blaster variants (plasma, ice, etc)

These variations mean that your second playthrough of Guardians of the Galaxy will be more of an enhancement than a complete reinvention of the experience. Still, with the game's divergent paths and frenetic combat, the chance to test your sharpest outfits and weapons on the game's enemies again may be enough.

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