Is Guardians of the Galaxy co op?

Is Guardians of the Galaxy co op?
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Is Guardians of the Galaxy co op is a reasonable question to ask, when you can see up to five different heroes taking part in the same scenes if you watched footage available for the game. This query hinges around whether some of those characters are NPCs, or if there's a Guardians of the Galaxy multiplayer option available so you can split their duties between a group of friends while playing together. We've got the answers for you here, but unfortunately if you were hoping for there to be Guardians of the Galaxy co op then the news isn't good.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy preview

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Is Guardians of the Galaxy co op or multiplayer?

No, at time of writing Guardians of the Galaxy has no co op mode or multiplayer capabilities. It can't even be played online – it's solely single player and as far as we know, there's no plans by Eidos or Square Enix to change that in the future.

To clarify, the multiple characters that you might've seen in the promotional footage or advertisements are all controlled by one player. Specifically, that player plays as Peter Quill/Star-Lord, but you have the option in and out of combat to give instructions to your allies, slowing down time, highlighting an opponent or object and giving a specific order that they then carry out. You can't actually play as the other Guardians, nor can anybody else, instead framing you as the leader of a team of (mostly) obedient NPCs.

Will Guardians of the Galaxy get online co op or multiplayer?

Guardians of the Galaxy co op

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At the moment we don't know of any plans by the developers to include an online, co op or multiplayer element, or even classic couch co op. While it's not impossible, it doesn't seem likely that such a feature would be added, as the strictly-single player nature of Guardians of the Galaxy leaves very little room for this kind of expansion. Or it may simply be the case that the idea of Square Enix doing Marvel-focused online co op games has become tainted since the Avengers game launched.

Still, nothing's impossible, and with a certain amount of interest in the idea of a co op Guardians of the Galaxy game, perhaps adjustments will be made in the future. Whatever happens, we'll be sure to update this page as and when we hear more from the developers on this matter.

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