GTA 6 fans can't wait to revisit Vice City, even if Rockstar hasn't confirmed that's where we're going yet

GTA Vice City
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We're just days away from seeing the first-ever GTA 6 trailer and the teaser image Rockstar used to announce its release date has got fans thinking about Vice City again. 

Earlier today on December 1, Rockstar put GTA 6 fans out of their misery by sharing exactly when we'll be getting that all-important first trailer. After previously revealing that the trailer will be released sometime in December, the developer didn't keep fans waiting for too long as on the very first day of the month it shared that we'll be getting the first glimpse of the next Grand Theft Auto game on December 5. 

In the tweet, we can see the Rockstar logo, some text, and what looks like a sunset, palm trees, and some birds. Although this doesn't actually give us any more information - other than the release date itself - it has sent GTA fans' brains into overdrive. If you've been a fan of the long-running series, you're sure to have thought the same as several others when this image dropped - is GTA 6 returning to Vice City? 

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This isn't the first time fans have had this theory, especially after the huge GTA 6 leak in 2022, but a Miami setting of the upcoming game does seem that little bit more plausible given the image. Shortly after the post went live, Twitter was flooded with fans sharing their excitement about returning to the beloved city: "I'm so ready for the new Vice City," one fan shared. "oh my God, Vice City was the first GTA game I ever played. I thought I'd never have that recipe again," another said.

The reaction to a potential Vice City return is much the same over on Reddit. "It’s giving me the Vice City vibe," one user said as they shared the announcement image again. "The palms confirm that it's indeed Vice City," another user has said, although I still would take it all with a grain of salt until we get that first trailer. "VICE CITY IS BACK BABY!!," someone else responded to the same post. Tuesday really can't come soon enough for GTA fans. 

If you need something to distract you until Tuesday, here's our games like GTA list. 

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