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GTA 5 Nuclear Waste location guide: How to find every barrel to complete Waste Management

When it comes to side missions in the game, collecting GTA 5 Nuclear Waste isn't exactly the most exciting pastime – but at least you'll earn a stack of cash in the process, as well as unlocking the Waste Management trophy or achievement once you're done. It all takes some work, and you'll need to make decent headway in the main story before the option for this role becomes available in GTA 5, but once you're ready to track down all 30 GTA 5 Nuclear Waste barrels you can follow this guide to scoop them up from the ocean floor and make the world a better, cleaner place.

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Buying the Dock

The trophy or achievement description reads: "Purchase the old dock and collect all nuclear waste." It's two simple steps that involve a lot of money and a lot of searching. Start by playing the story until The Merryweather Heist. After the mission, the Sonar Collections Dock in Paleto Cove will be put up for sale. Head there and spend the $250,000 asking price to get yourself the "old dock." We've marked the location as a dollar sign on the map.

(click to expand map) (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Collecting the Nuclear Waste

Now the search begins. With the dock in your possession, you have access to a submarine. Hop in and prepare for a deep water search. For each barrel of nuclear waste found, you earn $23,000. Find all 30 barrels, and you'll be rolling in a sweet $690,000.

Here's the thing about the nuclear waste: it's found at certain distances from the surface. Considering the ocean floor has few landmarks, using screenshots to help you locate the barrels isn't very helpful. Instead, use our map in conjunction with the Trackify app on your in-game phone to find each barrel. The Trackify will ping the next barrel once one is collected, so it won't be too challenging to scoop them all up.

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