GTA 5 Under the Bridge locations guide

North Blaine County

Bridge Location 44: This bridge is easy to spot thanks to the giant red cow on the top of it.

Bridge Location 45: This bridge can be found due east of the big red cow bridge.

Bridge Location 46: Located at the north west mouth of the Alamo Sea, this train bridge doesn't leave much room to get under.

Bridge Location 47: Located midway down Cassidy Creek, this bridge is easy to spot thanks the enormity of it. Also helps to get under a little quicker.

Bridge Location 48: Located to the northwest of the previous bridge, this tricky one can be a little hard to spot given the size of it.

Bridge Location 49: Found at the mouth of the Cassidy Creek on the far west coast, this large bridge is easy to spot and one of the more fun ones to zoom under.

Bridge Location 50: This last bridge can be found at the very north of Blaine County, just to the east a little ways. Look for the train crossing over the main highway there and fly under it.

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