GTA 5 Under the Bridge locations guide

South Los Santos

Bridge Location 1: This bridge is the La Puerta Freeway. You can find it at the far south, just to the east of the airport.

Bridge Location 2: Located just north of the Port of Los Santos, this bridge takes some patience and a tender touch to get under. Go slow and keep moving forward.

Bridge Location 3: Found just east of the previous bridge, try to keep the same height from the last bridge and zip under this one as well.

Bridge Location 4: This curved bridge can be hard to miss. Keep it low and continue through to the next bridge as well.

Bridge Location 5: Located right next to the previous bridge, you'll be able to get this easily by staying at the same height and just just staying on a straight path.

Bridge Location 6: This bridge is located just east of the Port of Los Santos and crosses with the Elysian Fields Highway.

Bridge Location 7: Fly under the Elysian Fields Highway located to the south of Los Santo to get rewarded for this bridge.

Bridge Location 8: Head north along the aqueduct between South Los Santos and East Los Santos where you will come across the next few bridges.

Bridge Location 9

Bridge Location 10

Bridge Location 11

Note: Bridges 12-19 are located in North Los Santos.

Bridge Location 20: Fly under this bridge located where the Del Perro highway and the Olympic highway meet.

Bridge Location 21: To get this bridge and the next few bridges, simply fly along the aqueduct located between La Puerta and South Los Santos.

Bridge Location 22

Bridge Location 23

Bridge Location 24

Bridge Location 25

Bridge Location 26

Bridge Location 27

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