How to get the GTA 5 Cheval Marshall monster truck in Stock Car Races

GTA 5 monster truck Stock Car Races Cheval Marshall

The GTA 5 Cheval Marshall monster truck is an absolute beast of a vehicle, which means you'll naturally want to unlock it so you can roam around in an oversized ride. In order to get it you'll need to take part in a series of stock car races, which are held out in the deserts of Blaine County. Each race you win will unlock a new sponsorship branded stock car, until you work you way up to collecting the monster truck itself, after which you can drive wherever you want as nobody will be able to stop you! Read on for details of all the rewards available and where to claim them, as you follow this GTA 5 stock car races guide to ultimately earn the mighty Cheval Marshall monster truck.

How to unlock the GTA 5 Cheval Marshall monster truck

To get the monster truck, you'll need to travel to the Grand Senora Desert and head to the main airstrip to find a Mr. Philips mission with Trevor. Completing it will unlock another marker and what follows is a series of GTA 5 races. Placing on pole in each one will unlock a unique stock car per race, and your ultimate prize is the GTA 5 monster truck, the Cheval Marshall.

To be in with a chance of winning each stock car race to get that monster truck, you'll need to find a suitable ride to enter the first race - a muscle or sports car should do it. Win each race to unlock the following custom muscle cars in this order:

1. Burger Shot Stallion

2. Redwood Gauntlet

3. Pißwasser Dominator

4. Sprunk Buffalo

Once unlocked, you can access the four stock cars from any of the story characters' personal garages.

5. Cheval Marshall

The Cheval Marshall monster truck will also be ready to collect from Trevor's airstrip hangar in the Grand Senora Desert. It comes with a set of 25 different flag liveries to choose from too. Now get out there and cause some monster truck mayhem!

You can also collect the Cheval Marshall from Trevor's airstrip hanger in the Grand Senora Desert, with a set of 25 different flag liveries to choose from. Now get out there and cause some monster truck mayhem!

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