GTA 5 Monkey Mosaics location guide

Monkey Mosaics 1-10 

1: Paleto Bay

On the back of the building opposite the Hen House property, at ground level.

2: Paleto Bay

3: Grapeseed

On the back of a warehouse opposite the gas station, at roof level.

4: Grapeseed

Behind the supermarket, on the rear wall opposite stacks of pallets.

5: Humane Labs And Research

At the entrance to the facility, on the outside of a pillar.

6: Grand Senora Desert

On a wall by the water tower in Thomson Aviation Scrapyard - watch out for aggressive locals/guard dogs in this area.

7: Sandy Shores

8: Sandy Shores

Upstairs at the abandoned Motel, inside the corner room to the west.

9: Alamo Sea

Inside a wrecked Auto Service garage - look through the boarded-up doorway into the closed room, it may take a few attempts to get the angle right.

10: Grand Senora Desert

Around the back of an agricultural plant, at ground level.

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