GT HD confirmed cars and a clip

Not only has Sony unleashed a lovely new clip of its Japanese Gran Turismo HD demo - you can see it via the movie tab above - but it has also revealed the date of when we can expect to hear more from Gran Turismo 5.

As you'll know by now, GT HD is the one-track, ten-cars, free demo due to be released on Christmas Eve in Japan - and,Sony announced today, in North America as well. The demo will be available for free download exclusively onthePlaystation Store for the PS3.And Sony has released the full list of cars that can be unlocked in the game - that is, once you beat the previously set lap times on the all-new Eiger Nordwand track, first in the Cappuccino and then in every car after that.

And while online play won't be part of the package, networked races will be available, as will the ability to download replays of other players' fastest laps.