Grunberg Hints at Big Heroes Developments

Speaking at a Heroes panel at the London Expo on Sunday, Greg Grunberg hinted that there was big developments on the way for his character, Matt Parkman, and another character currently very close to him: “I’ve just done a brilliant storyline with Brea [Speedster, Daphne]. There’s a big reveal concerning her character. Something we’ve never done on the show before. Very, very dramatic. When you see you’re gonna go, ‘What?!’ And she is UN-BE-LIVE-ABLE.”

He went on to add: “This year I do go to the dark side and it’s justified, in a really important way to the show. They came to me asked me if I minded going dark this year, and I said bring it on. I mean, in the five years ahead episode I got to kill everybody. So I got a taste of it, and I like it.”

He also jokingly told the audience that season’s three’s tortoise (“he’s called Albert, but I call him Shelly“) get better treatment than the actors, but was keeping tight lipped about whether he was going he makes an appearance in wither the new Trek movie or Fringe, both of which are being overseen by his old mate JJ Abrams: “I can’t talk about Fringe or that other movie that’s coming out. But I hope so. I want to work with JJ on everything. He can just put me in a cockpit and kill me.”

He took the opportunity to plug a charity album with which he’s been involved, that comes out next week: “I have a band with Hugh Laurie, Adrian Pasdar, Jessie Spencer, Teri Hatcher and a few others. We’re called Band from TV and we have a DVD/CD combo coming out next week, Hoggin’ All The Covers. All the money it generates is going to charity. We’ve been going two years. If you go to you can read all about it. in the States is releasing it and they’re pushing two albums at the moment – ours and U2’s! I’m hoping it’ll break all sorts of charity records. We each give the proceeds to our own charities and mine is an epilepsy charity.”

He’s also planning big online epilepsy awareness campaign (his eldest son is a sufferer) called Talk About It, which will launch next March (, and got the audience to participate in a video which is going to feature on the site.

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