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Grand Theft Auto V video preaches Epsilonism

It's not really viral marketing when you just post the video on your official blog, but it is still really weird. Rockstar Games has uploaded a new video promoting Grand Theft Auto V through the cult--er--religion of Epsilonism. You can see it on on the Newswire, or watch the captured video below.

The video shows the 12 tracts of Epsilonism over some time-lapse footage of scenic in-game locales. If you're interested in Kifflom and don't mind mailing all of your money to an address in the Cayman Islands, you can learn more on a promotional website run by Rockstar.

Epsilonism has played a minor role in most every Grand Theft Auto released since San Andreas, but it looks like we'll get a big sip of the Kool Aid when we return to Los Santos in GTAV. Could you be a descendant of Kraff?

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