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Grab this 32" LG LM570B LED TV for the kids

(Image credit: LG)

Tired of giving up the big TV in the living room so your kids can play with the Switch? Want to give them their own place to enjoy their games and TV shows so there's no tension between parents and children? Or maybe you just want a separate TV in a spare bedroom for when guests come over. This LG 32" LED TV is just what the doctor ordered. 

You can pick up this LG LM570B LED TV for just $160 right now, which is $40 cheaper than its usual price of $200. When you buy this particular model, Best Buy will also throw in $30 on new subscriptions for Sling TV and Starz if you choose to partake, as well as $50 off TV Connect and Setup services from Best Buy where those things are offered. 

For the price you get a HD TV with 720p resolution, HDR support, Google Home and Alexa compatibility, and webOS included with your favorite apps. It's like your favorite living room option, just smaller. It's also super affordable, especially with this deal. Plus, it's small enough to be suitable for any ancillary room's centerpiece, whether it's going with the kids or acting as your aunt's sole soap opera viewing TV when she stays overnight. 

LG LM570B LED TV is $160 at Best Buy | save $40
Whether you need a separate TV for the kids' room for their big-screen Switch adventures or a smaller panel for a guest room, this LG TV should do the trick nicely. View Deal

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