Google has a Last of Us HBO Easter egg that'll gross you right out

An 'Infected' from The Last of Us TV show
(Image credit: Netflix)

Seemingly in response to The Last of Us HBO's successful first couple of episodes, Google has a new Easter egg that's suitably creepy.

First, a fair warning in case you're eating while reading this: Google's Last of Us Easter egg is actually quite gross, especially if you're squeamish around fungus and tendrils (who isn't?). It probably isn't graphic enough to ruin your dinner, but I definitely put down my mushroom jerky after seeing it. 

Anyway, if you want to see it for yourself, all of you have to do is Google 'The Last of Us' and you should see a cute little mushroom button pop up at the bottom of the screen. Totally harmless at first, but just wait. If you click the button, cordyceps growths and tendrils will sprout from the bottom of your screen and grow for a few seconds. I was definitely exaggerating how nasty the graphic is before - it's actually a cool little detail from Google, but really only if you're into the show or games.

Remember how I mentioned The Last of Us HBO's successful premiere? Well, the first two episodes are such a hit with fans that sales of the game series have seen a massive spike since the show's debut. It warms my cold, dead heart to think of all of the people just getting into the games for the first time not having any clue of the heartbreak to come. Although I suppose if they've seen the first episode of the show they already have some inclination.

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Jordan Gerblick

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