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God of War: Ragnarok image removed from Sony's financial presentation

God of War
(Image credit: Sony)

Update: God of War: Ragnarok might not be the game's official title after all, as Sony has updated its presentation slides. 

As you can see from the tweet below, God of War: Ragnarok's logo has disappered to be replaced by a simple God of War one. 

We'll have to wait for official comment on Sony before we find out whether or not the original logo was an accident or not.

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Original: God of War: Ragnarok could be the official title after a logo appeared during a Sony IR presentation.

As part of Sony's financial presentation (Thanks, Imran Khan (opens in new tab)) it seems that the official name for the sequel to God of War has been revealed. The slide seemingly confirms that the official title for the PlayStation exclusive is called God of War: Ragnarok after the logo was alongside other first-party titles from Sony.

The Ragnarok portion of the title has been adapted by many after "Ragnarok is coming" was shown during the game's debut last year. But there's some confusion around whether it's the official logo.

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Khan highlights a Google search that found a YouTube thumbnail from April (opens in new tab) of this year with the same logo displayed. Of course, while it looks similar, fans of the title have been creating their own similar edits since last year (opens in new tab).

The game's director, Cory Barlog tweeted what appears to be a reaction GIF (opens in new tab) roughly around the same time the news started to spread on Twitter. However, with no context could Barlog be reacting to a possible leak, or could it be a reaction to the fact it's not official at all?

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Khan and Gematsu both seem to be speculating that Sony ran a Google image search and pulled a fan-made logo. At the very least, the fact this logo appeared during an official Sony presentation, fan-made or not, does seem to point to the game's official title.

While we're not expecting Sony to be at this year's E3 2021, Barlog has already said that the game will launch "when it's done", and while it's said to be launching this year, a delay seems unlikely.

There's plenty to look forward to today though, as we have a Horizon Forbidden West State of Play this evening.

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