God of War 2 is official, and it's called God of War: Ragnarok

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The next game in the God of War series got its debut at the PS5 showcase, and its God of War: Ragnarok. 

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While this was our first confirmation the game proper, its arrival was no surprise: without going into spoilers, the end of the last game clearly set things up for a sequel. God of War fans have been clamoring for official confirmation of a follow-up since then, making do with an official PS4 dynamic theme that teased "Ragnarok is coming" and the occasional cryptic tease from creative director Cory Barlog.

(Image credit: Sony)

Speaking of cryptic teases from Cory Barlog, he foreshadowed this reveal by making a few key changes to his Twitter account. That included replacing his profile picture with an image of deep grey ice, and his banner image with a stock image of a bunch of redacted Latin text.

The first God of War - that is, the new first God of War - came out in 2018 as both a subtle sequel to Kratos' original adventures through mythological Greece and a fresh start for the franchise. Its fusion of challenging action, travels through a beautiful world, and a touching father-son story quickly propelled it to the top spot on our list of the best PS4 games (a position it held until The Last of Us 2 came onto the scene this summer).

Of course today we also got the PS5 price and release date, so now you know when you can buy the machine Kratos will eventually make his return on. Even if PS5 pre-orders haven't gone live just yet (that's tomorrow!)

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