God of War II strategy guide

X.Typhon's Cavern
Head through the cave and you'll come across Typhon, a grumpy Titan. Quickly run past his face and hide behind the rocks, as he'll start blowing air at you. Get caught in these blasts, and you'll fall off the edge, so time your runs to cover carefully. Once you reach the top of the shelf, there's a rock bridge to bash, so attack it and you'll be able to attack his face. Run up close and press R1 to leap onto his eye and rip out Typhon's Bane - a bow.

Run back down the bridge and you'll be attacked by archers. Keep blasting away with the bow (your magic won't go down in this area) until everyone is dead. Now head left and up the small ramp. At the top you'll find a fire set behind four frozen crates, and you'll be attacked by soldiers. Use your Circle attack, followed by Square to fling them into the flames and stoke the fire. After you've burned enough, the ice surrounding the crates will melt, and you'll be able to open them to snag three lots of red orbs and a Phoenix feather. Now retrace your footsteps to where you tested Typhon's Bane.

Head left and reach the grapple point. Kill the archers before you swing across, and head out of the cave. You'll be able to save on the way out. Now run all the way back to where you left Prometheus dangling, and shoot him down to kill him. You'll now be granted the Rage of the Titans, which you can activate by pressing R3 and L3 together. You can test it out on the soldiers and Minotaurs that appear to attack you, so tuck in.

Climb up the wall to your right and you'll come to a chain bridge. Don't climb it yet! Head up the wall next to it, and you'll come across three crates, two containing red orbs and a third with a Phoenix feather in it. Now drop down and climb across the chain bridge.

You'll find yourself in front of a locked door, which you can break down using Rage of the Titans. Now run back to the start of the level, saving along the way. Bash Typhon's fingers until your Rage meter is full, then activate it and slash at the fingers again. Once they've all lifted up, Typhon's hand will move, freeing Pegasus for your escape. Climb on and leave.