God of War II strategy guide

XXIX. Boss Battle - Perseus
He might look like a wimp, but this boy can disappear. Watch for his footsteps in the water and repeatedly hit him with your L1 + Square attack. If you lose track of him, keep dodging and attacking until you find him again. First time he weakens, Kratos will pull off his helmet, making him visible. Now just lay into him with combos until Kratos breaks his knife. Now you've reached the final phase of the fight. Unleash your Rage of Titans and batter him until he weakens for the final time. There's a Quicktime sequence and a brutal death.

XXX. Courtyard of Atropos
Slide down the chain, and head back up the ladder. This time, go right, and place the shield of Perseus into the statue, before kicking it off the edge. Drop down and move it onto the platform. Crank the statue up to eye level so that it is deflecting the beam, then quickly jump up the ladder and use your fleece on the other eye. That'll open the way for you to carry on.

At the top you'll come to a t-junction. Go right, kill the archers, and swing across the gap. Carry on round until you can run up a ramp into a circular area. Here you'll be able to rip the Spear of Destiny from the downed griffon, and use it against the men who attack you. Once they're dead, grab the statue of the fates and put it on the rotating floor. Crank it round so it is facing the path you came in on, then drag it back the way you came as far as you can. Get to the other side of the water and freeze time. Now run back to the T-junction and go left, across the sprung floor and into the room with three chests. One has a Phoenix feather, one has a Gorgon eye, and the other has an Urn.

Now return to the statue, take it back to the rotating block, and turn it so it can look out over the broken bridge. Now put it into the corner and run down to the broken bridge area. Jump onto the first section of bridge and freeze time, giving you chance to reach the next sections. Save here.

Puzzle focus
Now you need to cross the lowlands. Simple in principle (just keep tapping R1), but tricky to master. Once across, you're in another cave network.

XXXI. Crossing the Lowlands
First room you arrive at, you'll have to fight four sirens and a couple of ogres. Next up, is a pair of ogres and four satyr warriors, which is quite a challenge. Don't be afraid to use up your magic, because there's health and magic in the next area. Now head outside and jump across the gap where you'll meet Icarus.