God of War II strategy guide

XXIII. Euryale's Chamber
Don't take the health right away! Fight the soldiers then go back for it before climbing down into the elaborately decorated hall. Here you'll have to fight two Minotaurs and a stack of soldiers, so concentrate on killing the big stuff first before picking off the 'easier' smaller creatures.

From here you'll come across an elevator. On the other side of the lift you see a man stealing the crank - how annoying! Move your half of the elevator down - but don't go all the way to the bottom. Just move down far enough to squeeze Kratos under the gate, and dodge through. There is a chest under your lift containing a Gorgon eye and a chest behind the glass window set into the wall containing a Phoenix feather. Now jump onto the other lift, and leap up the ledges on the side of the wall to get to the top. Fight the undead soldier and save.

Puzzle focus
Now head left and jump up the ladder/wall. In this area you can climb up the back wall and across the ceiling, but it's not as easy as it sounds. There are blades slicing across the ceiling. The easiest way to tackle this is to keep moving along as quickly as possible. Don't forget you can press X to make quick moves across the ceiling. Now drop down on the other side.

This bit is easy, but you've got to get it right. Rotate the crank to draw the spiked wall back until it sticks. Now sprint into the tunnel and run two thirds of the way down to the lever on your left. Pull it quickly, then run to the door and yank it open. You should make it before the spiked wall crushes you. Jump down into Euryale's chamber.

XXIV. Boss Battle - Euryale (Medusa's Sister)
Quite an easy one, this. Bash away at her with your blades, and use your dodge to avoid her tail swipes. Deflect her stares using the fleece and she'll soon slither off to the set of pillars for the second phase of the fight. Try to avoid using magic at this stage because you'll need it a little later.

Now she'll throw bolts at you from her eyes, which you need to deflect to cause damage, and she'll send waves along the floor. Don't try and jump these, because if they catch you in mid-air, you'll fall and break. Just shake them off, as they won't damage you. Now use the bow and the fleece to weaken Euryale once, pull her off the pillar, and repeat. Finally, you'll end up with a Quicktime sequence to finish her off. You now have Euryale's Head, a magic weapon you can use to turn enemies to stone. Get some practice, then move on.