God of War II strategy guide

V. Rhodes, Part3
If you need to, recover some magic, then jump up and open the door. Run along the corridor and save. Fight the next wave of enemies, and kill the two archers in the next room. Grab the block to your left and move it onto the pressure plate by the door, to open it. Now kick the block under the door and onto the second pressure plate, opening the gate beyond. Stand Kratos on the first plate and roll forwards - getting you through the door before it closes.

Run to the left and kill the enemies, then get onto the lift and pull the lever to take yourself upwards. You'll see the colossus' eye peering through the window, so bash it and get sucked out. Jump up the ledges to your right, then fight your way along the walkway to the other end. Bash down the door and then break the window to reveal the balancing section. You may find it easier to just drop down and kill the enemies and archers before attempting the beams.

Halfway across, jump right to grab the chests containing red orbs. Walk all the way across, save, then climb the ladder and shimmy down the chain to the next boss fight.

VI. Boss Battle - The Colossus (Final)
It's finally a battle between you and the colossus. First off, ignore the sword and head straight for the hand. Bash it up, and press R1 to fling it at the colossus. Once stunned, head to the sword and hold R1 - letting it drain your Red Orbs. After that the colossus wakes up. Run next to him and use your magic to inflict damage until he slumps again. Approach the sword and let it drain your magic. Now hit the colossus until he's stunned and return to the sword. It'll drain half your health. Repeat, and you'll finally get the sword. Get up close and batter the colossus' arm until he's weak enough to Circle attack. You can now head inside the beast.

Inside, it's simply a case of climbing the stairs, killing the enemies as they appear, and jamming your sword into the blue beams of the colossus where prompted. If you think you should be able to tap R1 to smash him up with your sword, there may be chains concealing the slot. Break them off and you'll be able to continue. Once you reach the top, there's a pendulum puzzle to solve.

Puzzle focus
Head up the ladder and lower the pendulum. Drop back down, and hit the pendulum to start it up. Now return to the top and you should be able to get to the other side of the rope, using the pendulum to shield you from the beams. Now you'll be able to finally take him down, and you'll be thrown from him into an arena of Spartans and a confrontation with Zeus.